The Value of Sin

We had no idea what was about to happen. I mean, we did, but also, we didn’t. Somehow we missed the whole part about relaxing. Relax and have fun is what we read all over the place. But those words were dead on the side of the road for us. We were so excited and weContinue reading “The Value of Sin”

Is There Womb Here?

This process of taking on pregnancy as a butch lesbian has been full of so many emotions so far… I think its best if I start from the beginning. For many of us coming out in the queer community means sacrifice, such as personal desire, family acceptance and community. This experience made me feel likeContinue reading “Is There Womb Here?”

I gagged twice… and then got there.

When we’d met with our doctor, the week prior, she’d suggested introducing Jimmy’s DNA, so that when a pregnancy did occur, Tara’s body would haven’t have an immune response. We learned that this can happen when sperm daddies aren’t sexual partners. So, previously on Friday, we introduced Jimmy’s sperm vaginally, but on Sunday that wasn’tContinue reading “I gagged twice… and then got there.”

It all began with…

It all began with a lot of love for each other, love for our current family and a bit of chaos as Tara was sorting through emotions around deciding whether or not to carry a child. One night, in November (and after many conversations about pregnancy), Tara told me she’d been thinking more and moreContinue reading “It all began with…”