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Relax and have fun. This is a photo of two woman standing next to each other in a large space lit with neon lights. They have an arm around each other and their outer arms are raised in the air. It shows they are relaxed and having fun

The Value of Sin

We had no idea what was about to happen. I mean, we did, but also, we didn’t. Somehow we missed the whole part about relaxing. Relax and have fun is what we read all over the place. But those words were dead on the side of the road for us. We were so excited and weContinue reading “The Value of Sin”

Image compilation of butch lesbian enjoying time with various babies and children as part of her pregnancy journey

Is There Womb Here?

This process of taking on pregnancy as a butch lesbian has been full of so many emotions so far… I think its best if I start from the beginning. For many of us coming out in the queer community means sacrifice, such as personal desire, family acceptance and community. This experience made me feel likeContinue reading “Is There Womb Here?”

Joy and Mettle

by Jimmy This weekend continued the destination insemination theme of Tara’s first ovulation cycle. We traveled to Spokane as a group to meet up and get a tour around Tara’s hometown, where by some strange cosmic coincidence Moses has some exciting opportunities for his career. These destination inseminations are exhausting. There are timing with cycles,Continue reading “Joy and Mettle”


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Hi, this the story of four queers and our journey through parenthood.

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