See you in 11 hours. Breed you in 12.

“See you in 11 hours. Breed you in 12” were Jimmy’s words in anticipation of our first insemination/DNA introduction on Friday.

We picked up Jimmy from the airport late that night and when we got home we took a few minutes to settle into the evening together. Finally Jimmy said, “Okay, what receptacle would you like it in?” Anxious excitement arose between all of us as we pulled out a Flex cervical disc and started talking through the last minute details. Eeeek! Weeks of planning and now something was finally happening.

Jimmy went off to the guest bedroom to work his magic and I went to pull out a syringe for our setup. When I reached our bedroom I saw that Tara had turned off the lights, lit some candles and was setting up a pillow for under her hips. She slipped out of her pants, and grabbed her phone. Laughing she said, “King Princess, is the obvious choice for music.” I smiled, “Of course.”

The mood was relaxed and romantic. I stripped down to my undies and curled up next to her. Skin-to-skin, we kissed while we waited for our “room service” delivery. Our touch was tender and loving and we used a toy together to create stimulation for Tara’s cervix. We talked, and giggled a little with excitement, knowing we were taking the next steps in this journey together. A few minutes later Jimmy was outside the door with a cervical disc filled with liquid.

Tara held the disk as I drew up fluid with the syringe. I very slowly started to inject the semen and then realized that the syringe should/could be deeper. I was erring on the side of caution with the insertion because I didn’t want to hurt Tara. Eventually we found the right spot and the semen was staying inside, where we wanted it. We finished with the fluid in the syringe and followed that up with the cervical disk and more sexual play so that Tara could climax and create cervical dip.

We held each other for quite a while and enjoyed the moment. The experience was intensely connective and deeply satisfying. We both agreed that it was a perfect experience.

Tara decided to take a few minutes alone and I went to join Jimmy. Together he and I celebrated with a bit of whiskey and I lit a cigar. Tara joined us a few minutes later and we sat outside on the back porch talking, and laughing, about how things just got real. Again, a perfect experience.

Even now, as I’m writing this, I’m filled with all kind of warm fuzzy feelings. Even though we knew Tara wasn’t ovulating, and that it was less about creating a viable pregnancy and more about “DNA introduction”, it felt good and it felt right.

All of this is a magnificent reminder that love is love is love, and it doesn’t have to look any particular way to make a baby, to make a home, to make a family.

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