It all began with…

It all began with a lot of love for each other, love for our current family and a bit of chaos as Tara was sorting through emotions around deciding whether or not to carry a child.

One night, in November (and after many conversations about pregnancy), Tara told me she’d been thinking more and more about asking Jimmy, one of her mainstays of many years, to be our Sperm Daddy. I told her that I thought it was a wonderful idea and that I couldn’t think of a more fantastic way of growing our little family.

On December 18, Tara was sitting at the kitchen table, very focused on typing something into her phone. She finished and stared at the screen. Then she tipped her phone toward me. She showed me what she had typed and said, “If you’re ready, you push the send button so that we’re starting this journey together.” I looked a Tara, wide-eyed with a pause. I smiled and pushed the Send button as I let out a little, “eek.”

Here’s what the text said:

Jimmy’s next message said, “You picked the perfect time. I’m so honored.” and from there he started talking about his family’s medical history and by the end of the evening, he’d talk with his husband, his mother and his sister. All of whom gave their blessing.

I could see the excitement in Tara’s eyes as the conversation continued for the next couple of hours… well, months, actually.

In talking with Tara now, and asking how she felt in those first moments, she said she felt relieved and excited. She said she felt like she’d been holding her breath the whole time she’d been thinking about it. And in all of that, She said, “I felt loved.”

8 thoughts on “It all began with…

  1. Tara this is a beautiful story and I’m so happy for you!! You will be a wonderful mother and your child will be so loved. I am looking forward to following along ❀️

    1. Thanks Stef πŸ™‚ Watching families like yours makes me even more excited for this journey! From first Blazers games, bike rides to being their cheering section, I’m excited at the prospect of all of it.

  2. Tara I am beyond happy for you and your family. Im so proud of you on so many levels. Excited to follow

    1. Thanks Krista! I am so happy that you are following our journey!! A little bird told me you have a basement full of hand-me-downs for us to look thorough. This made me smile and think back to when we were all little and passing things on from the older kids to the younger ones… I love how this history is repeating πŸ™‚

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